Join us in a world of Broadcast with global connectivity on a single SIM


JT Broadcast provides worldwide connectivity for broadcasters with 600+ direct global roaming agreements on a single SIM.

We are a Tier 1 operator managing our direct carrier relationships, constantly pushing technology and resilience to create the best possible service for broadcasters around the world. We deliver 24/7 connectivity from the world’s hotspots offering live streams to numerous Master Control Rooms (MCRs) globally. With over a decade of working with the broadcast industry, we understand its needs and provide the solutions.


JT Broadcast Key Features

non-steered IoT Sim   Non-steered open roaming SIMs connectivity  Hardware agnostic connectivity
all SIM form factor   All SIM form factors full operator control and analytics  Full operator level control of SIMs and analytics
routing  Intelligent routing (MPLS) local breakout  Local breakout
APN IoT Sim card  Private encrypted global APN Static IP  Static IP, Public IP and VPN tunneling



JT IoT Coverage


Where are you broadcasting next?

And if you do not know, JT Broadcast has you covered. Check our interactive coverage map to find out where we can support you with our 600+ global carrier agreements.




We support all broadcasting connectivity needs


Breaking news coverage Live sport broadcasting Event and festival broadcasting


Breaking News Coverage

It doesn't matter where the breaking news happens, the chances are that JT Broadcast is ready for you when you arrive. With 600+ direct carrier agreements, JT Broadcast covers the globe.


Live Sport Broadcasting

It is all about having highly resilient connectivity in congested areas. Instead of being one amongst many competing for the same space, access JT Broadcast via private APN and use our M2M networks.


Event and Festival

JT Broadcast makes as much effort to provide the best connectivity as the musicians, sound engineers and pit crew do for the music experience.



“Seven News Australia successfully deployed JT Broadcasting SIM in Sri Lanka in the wake of the large scale terrorist arrack mid-April 2019, giving my team the immediate connectivity to broadcast live news transmissions and prerecorded tape feeds from our TVU encoder unit back to our broadcast centre in Sydney. Our international crews have relied on the JT broadcasting SIM’s in breaking news situations and in countries where it’s often difficult to get connectivity or acquire local SIMs fast enough for our broadcasting needs for over two years now. JT’s solutions agility, global coverage and ease of use support the rapid response times that are now expected in the ever changing, fast-paced commercial news environment.”  


- Seven News


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